At Happily Handcrafted we strongly believe it is everybody’s responsibility to act ethically with regards to sustaining our communities and natural environment. Therefore, we are dedicated to reducing our footprint within the emvironment. Additionally, we aspire to educate our customers to make informed choices which can positively touch our communities and protect the planet.




At Happily Handcrafted we believe that finely crafted products are built on a foundation of materials of the highest quality. We are devoted to sourcing ethical products. Therefore understanding the social and environmental impacts along our material supply chain is important.

Rest assured that our wood is sourced from well managed forests, which protect biodiversity and maintain the ecosystems, landscapes and waterways. These forests also provide important economic benefits to the local communities.


We partner with clean energy providers to power the entire House of Happy.


  Not only do they provide green energy, they also aim to provide a net benefit to our planet.  They have provided over $2 million to local renewable energy projects in our communities across Australia. Projects that have achieved positive social, environmental and economic outcomes.

We have also partnered with like minded courier companies to ensure that your parcel get to you as efficiently as possible. Our partners not only ensure that their fleet adopt alternative fuels, but their facilities are continually identifying and integrating sustainable principles. They are also actively involved in facilitating recycling projects and are continually making energy efficiency improvements across the network.



Where possible we reduce our usage of consumables including paper and ink. We reuse everything; you will notice this with Our Packaging. Additionally, we utilise recycled and recyclable products where possible.