There is nothing a timeless as gold in its purest form, however you may have notice rose gold has become very trendy. It’s in every store and from the corner of your eye that perfect rose gold statement piece is there. And finally, the search is over, however when you investigate it looks copper, you check the tag and it states rose gold but…is it truly rose gold?

Traditionally known as “Russian” gold due to its popularity in Russia during the 19th century”



Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper. So, one could be forgiven for the confusion between copper and rose gold. Rose gold has a subtle pinkish hue whereas copper is slightly darker with brown tones; the shades of which can be emphasized or abated by different lighting.



As a designer, pinpointing exactly the colour of rose gold has been challenging. Particularly when many companies have added their own version of rose gold to the market which scarcely represents the traditional form


Here at the House of Happy we have gone back to basics when developing rose gold. We have used the traditional method of combining pure gold tones with copper, and we are quite proud of the result”

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