Auslan Colours- Rainbow Game – Wooden Discs


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Auslan Colours

Our wooden discs depict Auslan Colours signs from the southern dialect; this includes NT,  Tas, Vic & WA. Auslan was originally developed for Australians with a hearing impairment, as a visual form of communication. It uses hand, arm and body movements.
Likewise, our discs are not only are they excellent for supporting children with additional needs, they are a great resource for teaching all children an additional language.
Children can learn to sign before they can talk.
Designed and Handcrafted in our Victorian Studio.
These discs are made from sustainably sourced materials. Each disc measures 50mm in diameter.
Are you an Educator, Teacher or Special Needs Parent? Ask about our Discount!
Since we make these ourselves we can adapt these to suit your needs. Or work with you to develop your own resource.


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