Wooden Calendar – Blank Event Board – DIY Birthday Craft


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  • Engineered Pine
  • White
  • Maple
  • Weathered Oak
  • Sicilian Walnut
  • Black
  • MDF

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Wooden Calendar – Blank Event Board

Our wooden calendar provides the perfect craft blank to create your custom family calendar. This handmade wooden calendar has 12 holes to lists the months in a row and comes complete with 25 charms and metal rings.


Use any traditional or contemporary craft method to bring your calendar to life in the desired style to suit the decor of any home.


Never miss a birthday, anniversary or passing of your loved ones again. However sometimes with all of the hectic and chaotic times in your day-to-day life; it is possible to let one slip by unnoticed. Clearly see the birthdays of your friends and family. Easily display your calendar in any room in the house.


The blank calendar board measures 46 cm x 12 cm and made from sustainably sourced materials. Choose from either the budget-friendly 3mm thickness in either MDF or engineer pine upgrade to 7mm thick engineered pine for a premium product. Find the upgrade HERE

Our engineered pine includes the wood grain and a more natural aesthetic appeal. MDF offers a smooth finish which is a great base for painting. Our finishes White, Black, Maple, Weathered Oak and Sicilian Walnut are a smooth laminate, perfect for adding vinyl.


The wooden calendar comes complete with 25 charms and rings. Choose from charms in many shapes, can’t decide then get a mix.


Each charm is approximately 3.5cm, allowing plenty of room to add a name and date. Selected a calendar in pine,  your charms will be made in pine. Likewise, if you have chosen MDF the charms will be made to match. The MDF laminated calendars come with raw MDF charms; if you would prefer ply please leave us a note at checkout. All charms are 3mm in thickness.

Need extra charms…

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Never miss a birthday again with our wooden calendar!

Easily Organise Birthdays at a simple glance, you can easily see which birthdays are coming up. Use our Wooden calendar to helping to keep you on top of things. Simply decorate the calendar and write on the charms with the name and date of your loved one and hang them from the corresponding month.


Each Calendar measures 46cm long approximately and is made from your choice of finish, including engineered pine or MDF. It comes complete with 25 charms and fixings. Choose from charms in many shapes, can’t decide get a mix.


Designed and crafted exclusively by our team at Happily Handcrafted in our studio located in north-east Victoria, Australia.


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