Here at Happily Handcrafted we try to be realistic about the time it takes to expertly craft your order. We don’t want to rush the process so that we can ensure the highest quality and give attention to every step of the process.

One time you might get your order sent in a few days the next it might take the whole 2 weeks. It depends on many factors. Say if you fluke your order on the day before we do a batch of your item, the processing will be faster than if you order the day after.

We are also a small family run business. We have built our business around our children’s needs. Just last week we drove over 600kms to doctor’s appointments alone. Hence today I sent out an order on day 13. As much as we try to get most orders out between 7-10 days. We state 2 weeks to cover ourselves and life’s unexpected curve balls.

We love the fact that we are reliable and our cut off dates for significant day (like Christmas) reflect this. In the event we feel that we have taken too long, we may upgrade your order to express shipping to get it to you quicker.

Let’s take a quick look at how we process you order…

Ping, we get a notification of your order via email. Within a few minutes we have looked over your order and done a mental check of the materials required. If we need to organise any materials we contact our suppliers and arrange to collect the materials. This can take a day or so. In the mean time we create and edit the file for your design. If you have requested a custom item, this can take several attempts over a few days. A quality design is like tea, it requires time to brew and for the flavour to develop and strengthen. Once we have the design and materials, you order is ready to be cut. We have several days a week that we set aside to manufacture orders. Manufacturing is an art; machine settings can change with the moisture content of wood and ambient air temperature. Our machine operator is skilled at knowing the balance of settings to achieve the best quality cutting. Some items may just need to be cleaned after cutting. Others may require painting, sealing or assembly, these can take a few extra days to make. Painting is weather dependant, we apply a minimum of 3 coats of paint over a few days. Assembly usually requires adhesive which takes at least 24 hours to reach optimum curing. Your order is then packaged and booked with the courier.

If you need an order quicker, please let us know as we try to accommodate any requests where possible. We know life is hectic (we have 6 children).